Alexandra Daddario Sexy (70 Photos + Video)

Alexandra Daddario shows off her cleavage at ‘Baywatch’ Photocall in Berlin, 05/30/2017. Alexandra Anna Daddario is an American actress (Baked in Brooklyn, True Detective). Age – 31.


34 thoughts on “Alexandra Daddario Sexy (70 Photos + Video)

    1. To: The kid above this sub-comment who hasn't had his balls drop yet.

      These comments and more brought to you from the “I can’t get laid.” 13 year old virgin.

    2. Bandit's Lizard Mom

      You must be referring to your lizard Mom with her turn everything to stone ‘Medusa Eyes’!

  1. lol

    What must go through a persons brain to criticize any aspect of this women. Once again though, only place on the internet I’ve ever seen a negative thing said about her…ever…

  2. nacho

    Penis wearing a yellow shirt in the middle.

    Seriously, the Cock must have some OCD or serious mental illness to need to work out that much 😆 Cock’s mentally ill and all his WRASSLIN’ fanboys are celebrating sickness

  3. Rich

    Her face is uncanning some how…
    I cant explain it but she freaks me out.
    Like a robot or some kind of demon.

  4. Mulla omar

    I don’t like this bitch. She got those I’mma cut yo dick off while you sleep-eyes. She ain’t even especially pretty. Without them big ol bazonkas she’d be nobody.

  5. zippo

    …haters gonna hate…rock got that name for good reason…his cock is a rock for sure…and nacho, you ain’t grande dude…just sayin’…

  6. Gadget

    Something’s off. It’s like she was frankensteined from parts that don’t belong together.
    She’s got a tiny forehead (it’s like there’s only an inch from eyebrows to hairline) like a typical kurd or arab… buuuut she’s the opposite of brown, she’s paler than a Scottish redhead.
    She has fucking amazing boobs and a great body in general… buuuut she’s also a tall amazon with man hands that could pulverize a lobster.
    She has mad bright, tennis ball sizes eyes that look like they came from a Siberian husky… buuuut just when you’ve decided that they’re beautiful, she somehow manages to look more batshit insane than Michele Bachmann.

    Basically, I don’t know whether to fap or shit my pants.

  7. kennyspencer

    she’s lost weight and now her tits are hangers…just check out her scenes from True Detective to see the huge difference…still pretty and has an amazing ass, though

  8. zippo

    now this chick is elne sexy woman and I love those lovely big tits, wish there were a vid of her walking and those beauts bouncing and moving….she has aged very well….

  9. Parker

    Wish she would open a little bit more of her jacket so we could see more of her magnificent tits ! They are getting so big.


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