Carice van Houten Nude – Game of Thrones (2016) s06e01 – 1080 HD

New screenshots and clips with Carice van Houten, Keisha Castle-Hughes and others from Game of Thrones (2016) s06e01. Melisandra (Carice van Houten) undressed in front of a mirror. Carice van Houten is a Dutch actress and singer. Age 39.


Carice van Houten Nude 5

Carice van Houten Nude 1 Carice van Houten Nude 2 Carice van Houten Nude 3 Carice van Houten Nude 4


8 thoughts on “Carice van Houten Nude – Game of Thrones (2016) s06e01 – 1080 HD

  1. Jesse

    Why not post the rest ..Lmao it’s only right u post the rest..who knows maybe some of u sick fucks here would like that

    1. jack

      i know her boobs by heart (and you should by now) this is no double. beside she shows them in many movies. She isnt shy like the other b*tch

    2. Ken Ham

      Not a body double. She has shown in several episodes in the past.

      On a side note, she has beautiful breasts.

  2. Fez Ferrari

    Is it just me or do all of Carice van Houten’s nude scenes look the same? Besides the hag part in this scene of course.


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