Emilia Clarke Nude (1 Photo)

Screenshot with Emilia Clarke and other actresses from Game of Thrones, Season 6 (2016). CGI, I guess… Emilia Clarke is an English actress. Age: 29 (1 May 1987).


Emilia Clarke Nude


11 thoughts on “Emilia Clarke Nude (1 Photo)

      1. No

        Season 3 she was topless

        Season 2 she should’ve been nude if they kept to the books but didn’t.

        Now she does interviews complaining there’s not enough male nudity in the show while she’s claused out the only reason anyone was interested in her in the first place.

      2. Louis

        Patently false, she was topless in season 3 and briefly topless in season 5 when in bed with Daario.

        The real bulshit is Lena Headey who hasn’t shown one bit of skin, besides being pretty bad as Cersei.

  1. BustyTit

    I usually don’t agree with most people but this is just absolutely pointless. Really? I mean seriously what about this is at all good? Sweet generic shot.


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