Fergie Topless (1 Photo)

New sexy B&W photo of Fergie on “Milf Money” single cover, from Twitter, 06/26/2016. Hot milf with money! Fergie Duhamel is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, television host, and actress. Age: 41 (March 27, 1975).


Fergie Topless

12 thoughts on “Fergie Topless (1 Photo)

      1. Dude

        She is wearing a top, You can see she is because of the curvature on her tits indicating she’s wearing a boob tube of sorts. Saves her actually being topless for the shoot.

      2. SoKo

        STFU ALexssander, she isnt topless. Being topless means you should be able to see every bit of her upper body. If its stated that its `covered topless’, then her tits would most likely be covered. Jeeezz you fucking moron


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