Omarosa Manigault Nip Slip (1 Pic + Gif)

Omarosa Manigault flashes her boob in the Celebrity Big Brother, 02/09/2018. Omarosé Onée Manigault-Newman is an American reality television show participant and political aide. Age – 44.


Thanks to Jake for the info!

24 thoughts on “Omarosa Manigault Nip Slip (1 Pic + Gif)

  1. Dizz

    Has her robe half open and wearing nothing underneath…. then is “shocked” when her puppy flies out. Fake shock + fake tits = fake news. The Donald approves of this post.

  2. Mark

    She is sexy, but a schemer. I’m glad she was able to find happiness and love with Michael Clark Duncan while he was still alive. I think she’s beautiful, so this is a welcome surprise! I never watch Big Brother, but I was checking out a few episodes to see how badly I would hate it. I had decided to stop watching, because I liked watching Big Brother After Dark better, since they were just hanging out and everyone was nice to each other and not playing “the game”, but now I’ll probably keep watching because of this. 🙂 Well played, Celebrity Big Brother, well played…

  3. jenya

    And some of you still wasting the precious showing how rude and pathetic a few of you are, spreading no sense bullshit about a lady that you don’t have any idea about, dang. What if you better think at your own business.

  4. jenna

    And I wonder how easy y’all make insubstantial affirmations on a person that you don’t have any idea..
    With pure honesty, you people better think at your own life, business.


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