Serena Deeb WWE Leaked (25 Photos + Video)

Check it out new leaked photos of Serena Deeb + Video. Serena Deeb is an American yoga instructor and retired professional wrestler. Age: 30 (born June 29, 1986).


15 thoughts on “Serena Deeb WWE Leaked (25 Photos + Video)

  1. Rick Wall

    There’s no proof that it’s really her though Needs a picture of her face to prove it’s her.

  2. Special bus

    Well done trying to prove this nobody is naked… Waste of fucking time when nobody gives a shit.

  3. David

    She’s Serena, the female in CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society. I always thought she was a pretty good wrestler. Not sure about those fake breasts though, not exactly a fan of them myself.

  4. Sideshow

    She is a former WWE Diva who was on TV weekly for like a year. Not the biggest known person, but she’s not exactly a nobody.

  5. BlueSloth

    Pretty sure it’s not her.
    a) The proof is really inaccurate if you look at the spots.
    b) Her boobs are fake and she had pretty small ones before that. They don’t look like this usually if you had small boobs before surgery.
    I might be wrong but I don’t think so.

  6. hassafwaka

    for the few people that were watching WWE at the time she was there, she was the one that got her head shaved on tv by cm punk

  7. The SES

    Well she was on the main shows sunnyday, and involved in a pretty big part of the show for a year or so too.


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