Tati Zaqui Naked (26 Photos + Video)

Check out the photos of Tati Zaqui from Playboy Portugal (July 2015) + ‘Making of’ video. Tati Zaqui is a Brazilian singer. Age: 23.


35 thoughts on “Tati Zaqui Naked (26 Photos + Video)

        1. NIK

          German Playboy sure as hell doesn’t. We barely get a hint of the labia here and there and that’s allready fucking rare.

    1. Who doesn't

      Who’s doesn’t have daddy issues? We all fucking do. What kind of loser are you that anytime a woman shows skin she has daddy issues. You must be the kind of dipshit who screams pickle Rick.

  1. Richio

    Nice to see Lucas Podolski’s price has risen since his Arsenal days…

    Her body looks far too long/shopped.

    Apart from that, wish we had Pop stars like this. 😀

  2. Pervvy Winestain

    Hef was always such a fag, claiming that he was against puritanical people, yet they never show close-ups of pussies like this, and their celeb pictorials are just heavily filtered boob and butt shots. When Lohan did her pictorial, we should have had this kind of detail.

    Also, to an answer someone’s question, they have a fetish at PB for girls with tiny or no labia, so when a girl does have an amazing set, they try to hide their glory.

  3. brazilian boy

    Hey admin. These photos are from Playboy Brazil not from Portugal. change it !!! Only in Brazil you have this close in the pussy !!!!

  4. Severin

    That’s the kind of shit I want to see singers here do. Only a few have stripped it all off so far. Hats off to them, but now it’s time for normalization You’re a millennial, you’re famous, you get naked. Feminist self-love, opposition to slut-shaming, whatever bullshit reason they need, just take it the fuck off.

  5. Andy

    Some of y’all gotta grow up for those youngers here who just showed their shitly wrong fantasies, better think with a piece of brain before leave a shitly comment here. Maybe only one day you’ll understand it when you would be a grown human. Have a nice day, youngers.

    1. moonface to chocolateface

      Yeah? Is that what ya think nigga muthafuker? Well shit, cuz we dont give a damn!!!

      P.s., please get some more posts of celebs who showed pussy wngs with playboy Brazil.


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